Solution List

Current and former solutions on the list.

The Disruptive MDM / PIM / DQM List is a list of available solutions for:

  • Master Data Management (MDM),
  • Product Information Management (PIM) and/or
  • Data Quality Management (DQM)

as well as:

  • Application Data Management (ADM),
  • Customer Data Integration (CDI),
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP),
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM),
  • Product Data Syndication (PDS),
  • Product experience Management (PxM) and
  • Reference Data Management (RDM).

If you want a short introduction to these terms, watch this silent video.

You can use this site as an addition to the likes of Gartner, Forrester, MDM Institute and others when selecting your new MDM, PIM and data quality solution, not at least because this site will include both larger and smaller disruptive solutions.

Solution vendors can register their solutions here and the crowd, being processional users, can review the solutions.

Companies on the look for a solution can inspect the list and use the selection service where you will get a list of solutions fit for you in order to make a Proof of Concept, shortlist and/or longlist for your selection based on your context, scope and requirements.

At the moment, these solutions are listed:

Featured Solutions

Reltio thumb

Reltio Connected Customer 360 is trusted by Data innovators to manage the data that matters most to their business. The Reltio platform creates holistic, up-to-date, and actionable customer profiles that make it easier to drive hyper-personalization, accelerate real-time operations, and simplify compliance and consent management, all at scale. Learn more about Reltio Connected Customer 360 here.

Semarchy IconSemarchy is the Intelligent Data Hub™ company. Its xDM platform empowers organizations of any size to build data applications quickly, with fast time to value. A single software platform for governance, master, reference and application data management as well as data quality, enrichment, and workflows means that trusted information projects can be delivered without the wasted time of cobbling together bits of software, interfaces, and integration layers. Learn more about Semarchy xDM here.

ewEnterWorks by Winshuttle is a market leader in multi-domain master data solutions for acquiring, managing and transforming a company’s multi-domain master data into persuasive and personalized content for marketing, sales, digital commerce and new market opportunities. Learn about Enterworks here.

ContentservContentserv allows retailers and brand owners to offer rich, relevant, and emotional product experiences by combining PIM, DAM, MDM and MXM solutions. Our vision is to make the daily lives of marketers and product teams easier by providing them with an advanced, complete, business-focused platform emphasizing time to value. We are driven by the desire to keep our customers one step ahead of the competition. Learn more about Contentserv here.

MDOMaster Data Online (MDO) by Prospecta. Prospecta is one of the key players in Enterprise Data Management market. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Prospecta started in 2002 with niche services around enterprise customers for data and automation, whereas now it has extended it’s offerings to help organizations in their data journey and build a data culture. Prospecta Services include helping enterprise clients from all industries to define Data Strategy, help in Data Transformation, bring about Data Quality and enforce Data Governance. Learn more about MDO here.

Presented Solutions


SyncForce: International consumer & professional packaged goods manufacturers realize Epic Availability with SyncForce. With SyncForce, your product portfolio is digitally available with a click of a button, in every shape and form, both internal and external. You can shift your attention from fire fighting to building successful business with your trading partners. Learn more about SyncForce here.

Dynamicweb thumb

Dynamicweb PIM brings you fewer applications, integrations and systems. It is fast and inexpensive to implement and maintain, because it is part of an all-in-one platform for omni-channel commerce. Learn more about Dynamicweb PIM here.

agility iconAgility Multichannel by Magnitude® empowers marketers to acquire, enrich and deliver accurate and timely product content through every touchpoint, channel and region along with the analytical support required to maximize effectiveness in the market. Learn more about Agility here.

Kalido thumbKalido MDM by Magnitude® offers enterprises the core capabilities to model multiple data entities, harmonize the data sources and manage governance processes for reference data and master data. Learn more about Kalido MDM here.

Datactics thumbDatactics Self-Service Data Quality Platform leverages three components: drag-and-drop rules studio, automation and workflow management application, and remediation clinic to fix data in breach of rules. This enables business users to rapidly build an internal data quality service for a wide range of downstream purposes without needing programming capability or relying on IT support. Features highly-configurable fuzzy matching, built-in connectivity to internal and external data sources, and ships with preconfigured matching logic for entity or people matching. Learn more about Datactics here.

EntityWise thumbEntityWise has a machine learning solution, AI Steward, that can automate the resolution of potential duplicates (aka tasks, suspects) that all other MDM/EMPI/MPI platforms leave for human teams to manually review. Through it’s patent pending technology, AI Steward learns from your data team in days and can replicate their match behavior at equivalent accuracy but at 20x the speed and at 1/3 the cost. Learn more about EntityWise here.

Unidata thumbUnidata is an innovative software company, which creates successful software products within data management. The core of its data management platform is under an open license as part of the company’s strategy and mission to form a community of experts in the field of data management and is aimed at developing the industry as a whole. Learn more about Unidata here.

Digital Quality Management ThumbDigital Quality Management has a single mission: Bring your brand consistency from the physical shelf to the digital shelf. By placing the customer at the centre of all we do, we can quickly identify brand discrepancies. Think PQM (Print Quality Management) for the digital world. With an array of e-commence single site centric needs (and tooling) brand consistency of master data can be impeded. With a simple brief, the team at DQM l can remove the manual validation which brand owners often own.

Winpure thumbWinPure’s Clean & Match Contextual MDM is a commercial, open-source, Master Data Management solution, designed to reduce the manual work needed to clean and match/link and integrate the organizations information. Learn more about Winpure here.

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Product Data Lake is a cloud service for sharing product master data in the business ecosystems of manufacturers, distributors, merchants, marketplaces and large end users of product information. Learn more about Product Data Lake here.

PS: You can use Product Data Lake in combination with the solutions above.

Archived Solutions

Stibo Systems, Informatica, Riversand, Reifier (now Aficx).

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