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Magnitude Agility PIM empowers eCommerce managers and marketers to acquire, enrich and deliver accurate and timely product content through every touchpoint, channel and region along with the analytical support required to maximize effectiveness in the market. Retailers, global brands, manufacturers and distributors alike look to Agility PIM to provide a 360-degree view of their products to optimize merchandizing effectiveness and revenue opportunities.

This is not an easy feat given the siloed nature of data across most organizations and supply chains.

According to Ventana Research, “More than one quarter of organizations have MORE THAN 11 SOURCES OF PRODUCT DATA that they must integrate and manage efficiently…yet only one in ten companies say they can synchronize data from all sources.” Agility PIM addresses this problem by creating a single trusted source of rich product data and integrating departmental knowledge into a valuable enterprise-wide asset. It breaks down data siloes to enable true product information management in the form of:

  • Easy-to-find, easy-to-use, trusted content and media
  • Consistency across all touchpoints
  • The detail and continuity buyers demand
  • Razor-thin lead times for product launches
  • Support for new channels, partners, and markets
  • The ability to easily engage suppliers in data onboarding

Retailers, global brands, manufacturers, and distributors, from Fortune 500 companies to SMBs, rely on Agility PIM to break down data siloes, optimize product information value, facilitate company growth and increase competitiveness. Avon, Uline, Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Assa Abloy, and TUI Cruises are just of few of the many companies who have made Agility PIM a cornerstone of their marketing ecosystem.

The introduction of PIM into the eCommerce ecosystem and connecting it to the larger IT infrastructure doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Agility enables companies to start with smaller product data initiatives and continue to grow over time. If desired, customers can start by implementing a single, specific use case, akin to a PCM solution, but can then grow exponentially, to a major enterprise PIM solution. This approach provides less risk, quicker buy–in and ongoing ROI. To help our customers ensure that they continue to get the most business value out of their investment in Agility, every year, we hold User Conferences and Workshops  in both Europe and the United States, providing users and partners the chance to connect, receive updates on our product strategy and attend workshops and training sessions.

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Our commitment to our customers’ success has been noted by the analysts as well. For eight years in a row (2014-2021), The Information Difference recognized Magnitude’s Agility PIM as a Master Data Management Leader among more than 40 PIM and MDM vendors. Ventana Research consistently names Agility a Leadership Award winner for enabling our customer’s technology innovation and digital and operational transformations and Ventana Research gave Magnitude’s Agility PIM top scores in product and customer experience in the 2021 Product Information Value Index.

Magnitude’s Agility PIM is firmly rooted in marketing, growing out of a communications company that launched a database publishing system in 1990, in response to catalogers’ demands for a better way to manage product information. That simple premise evolved as go-to-market strategies changed and, in 2001, Agility was launched to satisfy the growing demand for product master data management and B2B and B2C companies’ ever-changing needs to aggregate, optimize and syndicate their product data to all channels and touchpoints. In 2017, Agility became a privately-owned subsidiary of Magnitude Software, Inc., with more than 500 employees and offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands and India. In 2021, Magnitude Software was acquired by insightsoftware Inc. For more information, read our Press Release. For more information on Agility PIM, visit

Magnitude Agility PIM

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