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Dynamicweb logoProduct Information Management (PIM) is a must in ecommerce

Customer expectations are evolving as consumers spend more time researching product purchases online. As a result, the importance of high quality product content becomes paramount for retailers, manufacturers and distributors alike.

The shift from selling products in physical stores with the help of a personal sales assistant to selling products online has made digitalization and optimization of product information a must for all participants in supply chains.

Today you need to manage much more than just an internally understood product description and a price for your products.

Your customer will need to have access to very specific product information to find and choose the right product with certainty. This includes the specific and granular facts related to the product in mind as well as images and documents related to the products.

The capabilities needed in a PIM solution

The Product Information Management (PIM) solution from Dynamicweb is a mature and professional PIM solution encompassing all the capabilities you need in handling product information from getting the 360-degree overview, having a flexible data structure, ensuring data quality, exploiting product relationships, inclusion of digital assets to being true multi-lingual.

The PIM backend capabilities includes the ability to:

  • Enrich, group and organize your products and variants
  • Validate and monitor changes with notifications and workflows
  • Import and export your product data to Excel

The PIM frontend capabilities brings further advantages as:

  • Standard frontend with self-service for partners and dealers
  • Download product data & digital asset in relevant formats
  • Deliver feeds to marketplaces, channels and printed catalogs

In addition to strong PIM capabilities, Dynamicweb has a strong Integration Framework for connecting to Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and D365, which will make deployment for these companies faster and less risky.

Integrated PIM with Ecommerce and marketing capabilities

Working with Dynamicweb Product Information Management (PIM) means fewer applications, integrations and systems. It is fast and inexpensive to implement and maintain, because it is part of the all-in-one platform combing PIM, content, ecommerce and marketing.

The combined solution comes with a uniform user interface for content management, ecommerce front end, marketing and Product Information Management (PIM) which makes the learning curve for the users very fast and makes daily collaboration very effective and consistent. As an example, updates to the product information layer can be immediately proven on the front-end ecommerce layer.

You can learn about the features and benefits on the Dynamicweb PIM site.

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