datacticsSelf-service Data Quality by Datactics addresses the need by firms across all industries to distribute the remediation of data quality issues throughout the business, rather than have one central team be responsible for management, maintenance, protection and reporting of all their data assets.

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) journey began with the creation of a centralised function to gain control over the firm’s data, usually accompanied by a “top-down” Data Governance platform or approach to master data management. At the same time, however, business teams needed to use the data in a variety of formats and for a range of processes, including reporting internally or externally, performing analytics, and marketing communications. This has led to many firms experiencing bottlenecks in data management, with the wide array of applications for the data constantly competing for access to the data. Recently, CDOs have seen the need to decentralise the actual business-driven data usage activities away from the CDO function, placing the CDO in a position of control rather than service. This is a process that is enabled by Datactics’ Self-service Data Quality platform, giving non- or semi-technical teams of business users and data stewards access to a suite of tools that help them interrogate their data, fix it when it’s wrong, and collaborate with a master Data Governance strategy through a set of auditor-friendly functions in scheduling, automation, and data remediation.

The platform consists of:

  • FlowDesigner rules studio
    • A drag-and-drop studio for profiling, cleansing, enriching and matching data from multiple sources
  • Data Quality Manager (DQM)
    • A scheduling and workflow management utility, with built in connectors to a wide range of data sources
    • Combine and link FlowDesigner rules projects to run in series, parallel or via an array of triggers designed around business workflow requirements
    • Connectors to off-the-shelf Business Intelligence & Visualisation software e.g. Qlik, PowerBI, Tableau etc. to enable powerful CDO dashboards and drill-down to individual break level
  • Data Quality Clinic (DQC)
    • Quarantine environment for review of data in breach of data quality rules
    • Assign breaks to different data stewards / owners; propose resolutions and review multiple similar records to identify golden record to be stored in master data management & data governance systems.


Project delivery is rapid, usually within a matter of weeks or months, and easily augments any existing master data management programme or process in situ. Clients from across the full spectrum of data maturity have engaged successfully with Datactics, where the Self-Service Data Quality platform works alongside incumbent off-the-shelf tooling and governance systems, or solutions built in-house using ETL tools or spreadsheet and SQL code.


Deploying Datactics leverages the proven capability of the Self-Service DQ platform and the many years of data management expertise in the company’s delivery team. Clients can rely on configuration entirely carried out by Datactics data engineers or work alongside them with full training provided, helping to deliver a working “proof of production” in rapid timeframes.

For all queries on product, technical information or to book a demo please contact

Datactics overview

View (as PDF) the Datactics white paper about Self Service Data Quality.

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