Select Your Solution

This is an interactive guide to help you in your tool selection for a solution for:

  • Master Data Management (MDM),
  • Product Information Management (PIM) and/or
  • Data Quality Management (DQM)

as well as Application Data Management (ADM), Customer Data Integration (CDI), Customer Data Platform (CDP), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Data Syndication (PDS), Product experience Management (PxM) and/or Reference Data Management (RDM). If you want a short introduction to these terms, watch this silent video.

Note: This guide is currently in trial and therefore free to use.

There are up to five steps:

Step 1: Start the process by filling in who you are and your username to use ongoing. > Go to step 1 here.

Step 2: Provide some information about the context and scope of your intended solution. >> Go to step 2 here.

Step 3: Provide some information about your requirements. >>> Go to step 3 here.

Step 4: Get a list of solutions suitable for you as:

  • The best fit for a Proof of Concept
  • Two more solutions to be in a shortlist
  • Four more solutions to be in a longlist
  • If fit, a couple of more solutions to be considered as alternatives or supplements

>>>> Go to step 4 here.

Step 5: If you want, get in contact with some of the solution providers who are listed on The Disruptive MDM/PIM/DQM List >>>>> Go to step 5 here.

Ready? Go to step 1 here.