Select your solution

This is an interactive guide to help you in your tool selection for a solution for:

  • Master Data Management (MDM) and/or
  • Product Information Management (PIM)

as well as:

  • Application Data Management (ADM),
  • Customer Data Integration (CDI),
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP),
  • Data Quality Management (DQM),
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM),
  • Product Data Syndication (PDS),
  • Product experience Management (PxM) and/or
  • Reference Data Management (RDM).

Note: This guide is currently in trial and therefore free to use.

There are up to five steps:

Step 1:

Start the process by filling in who you are and a secret code to use ongoing. > Go to step 1 here.

Step 2:

Provide some basic information about your intended solution. >> Go to step 2 here.

Step 3:

Provide some information about your requirements. >>> Go to step 3 here.

Step 4:

Your solution listGet a list of solutions suitable for you as:

  • The best fit for a Proof of Concept
  • Two more solutions to be in a shortlist
  • Four more solutions to be in a longlist
  • If fit, a couple of more solutions to be considered as alternatives or supplements

>>>> Go to step 4 here.

Step 5:

If you want, get in contact with some of the solution providers who are listed on The Disruptive MDM/PIM List >>>>> Go to step 5 here.


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