CONTENTSERV Product Experience Platform

Contentserv logoCustomer Experience is now a strategic initiative for all brands across the world. Accurate product data is key to deliver a relevant, compelling and seamless customer experience. Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) have never been so critical. Having timely access to accurate, rich and consistent product information requires that organizations systematically control the flow of product information and are able to release it to multiple channels.

Contentserv’s PIM solution enables the efficient organization of marketing, information and media processes in product communication. Contentserv was founded in 1999 as a profit center of the well-known Kastner Group AG and turned into an independently owned Holding structure (AG) in 2012 with strong and healthy financial status, thus making it an ideal long-term business partner. More than 300 customers and over 300,000 users in 89 countries work with the PIM platform every day.

Contentserv’s platform is the keystone within your IT infrastructure landscape to:

  • Aggregate product information to build a 360° view of product data
  • Ensure data quality and completeness of product information before publication
  • Maximize agility in product data modeling & product data publication
  • Accelerate publication, reduce time-to-market and guarantee omnichannel consistency
  • Support multilanguage content and optionally sophisticated translation management
  • Publish rich, complete and accurate product information to multiple channels.

Typically, the larger your portfolio becomes, the more difficult it is to gather and maintain all of your data. Contentserv’s PIM solution enables you to not only maintain high quality product data, but also to work as efficiently as possible – giving you a competitive edge!

  • Manage extensive and complex product data quickly and easily online.
  • Maintain relevant content for all output channels, target groups and countries easily via a central database.
  • Manage the supply of online and offline media – not only at lightning speed but also with consistent, quality-assured information.
  • Make changes to the data at just one location and update information across all channels with the simple push of a button!
  • Produce more marketing output faster, more affordably and using limited resources more efficiently than ever before!
  • Launch product innovations or promotions rapidly.
  • Manage translations simultaneously for your international multichannel campaigns.
  • Scale with PIM – thanks to our end-to-end approach, you can integrate additional channels and features at any time.

Our technology-leading software solutions facilitate the daily marketing work for thousands of users while ensuring speed, efficiency and the highest level of data quality possible. Customers from various industries are already successfully using our solutions and therefore have achieved the highest performance in product communication both nationally and internationally.

Nearly half of Contentserv’s team is made up of pure developers working in R&D. This ensures that our product is continuously and consistently evolving. Because of this, Contentserv is a strong and distinguished software manufacturer. The implementation of our customers’ projects has been successfully handed over to our implementation partners all over the world and we assist them daily with our subject matter experts in PIM, DAM, MDM, Print, omnichannel, digital and marketing resource planning.

Contentserv is known as a partner-friendly company. Our partners support our customers locally during the introduction of our PIM Solution. The collaboration with a strong international network of consulting, implementation and software integration partners plays a vital role in the overall success of our company.

Forrester and Gartner have highly-ranked Contentserv for its PIM and MDM capabilities. The software provider has been active on the market for about 20 years and takes pride in a wealth of experience gained through hundreds of projects.

Let’s talk about groundbreaking product experiences together. Read more here.

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