Unidata logoUnidata is an innovative software company, which creates successful software products in the area of data management. The core of our team was formed in 2007. For a number of years, the company’s specialists have been engaged in the implementation of major projects for the creation and implementation of MDM (Master Data Management), Data Governance and Data Quality.

The flagship product of the company is the data management platform Unidata, which is based on the modern technological stack of Open software. The transition to the concept of a product platform that supports the possibility of expanding the basic logic, and the use of adaptive modules, has made it possible to create one of the most powerful and effective global data management solutions in the world.

Lately Unidata has announced the publication of the core of its data management platform under an open license. This decision is part of the company’s strategy and mission to form a community of experts in the field of data management and is aimed at developing the industry as a whole.

The core of the platform is designed to create information systems that are based on the concept of master data and require taking into account the specifics of certain industries. The kernel supports the ideology of loosely coupled “modules”, which minimizes the influence of the specifics of specific conditions on the entire system.


Unidata is a multifunctional platform for building corporate data management systems. The platform provides the means for centralized data management (inventories and accounting of resources), the standardization of data (normalization and enrichment), keeping track of historical data (control of record versions, periods of data relevance), and maintaining data quality and statistics.


Unidata provides a wide range of information management capabilities for obtaining up-to-date and reliable data. The platform automates the processes of data collection, accumulation, cleansing, comparison, consolidation, quality control, dissemination and data enrichment.


Unidata manages basic information and reference information in terms of data quality (DQ), and provides powerful tools for automating the decision-making system (Data Governance). The strengths of the platform include: rapid implementation, high productivity, flexibility of the architecture and consideration of the specifics of both separate enterprises and large holdings. Our partners working with European companies appreciate the fact that Unidata has already been adapted to the realities of the EU, and it fully complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Products based on Unidata platform successfully work in many industries such as Transport, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Public Administration, Finance, Power Engineering, Gas and Oil Industry. Unidata products increase the efficiency of enterprises in the industrial sector through the organization of information interactions between the elements involved in the production process and the components involved in the financial and economic management of the enterprise as a whole.



The core of the product is responsible for storing all data on gold records, change history. Product has the ability to embed the platform in a heterogeneous information landscape of any complexity. Download, validation, enrichment of data from various sources. The product allows you to manage multiple information domains thanks to a powerful modeling system.


  • Powerful open source data management core.
  • Module architecture: wide integration abilities for developers.
  • Well-documented open stack technology.
  • Vast methodology: cross-industry mutual expertise.
  • Broad educational programs: Data Governance, Data Science, Machine Learning etc.


This is a fundamentally new product that is designed to solve new challenges in managing data as an asset. The product is at the peak of world trends in this area in terms of both a set of tools and methodological practice for their implementation and application. Unidata DG allows you to connect and track all user actions related to data across all levels of enterprises of any scale: from annual reports of company management to the column in the table of the regional division. When solving such problems, the main tools of Unidata DG were numerous modules, including Business Glossary and Metadata Crawler (automatic meta-data collector). Also, many features such as Data Lineage (special features for researching and documenting data flows in the repository) have become available.

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