EntityWiseEntityWise has the only machine learning solution, AI Steward, that can automatically resolve potential duplicates, tasks, suspects etc… that all the other match platforms leave for manual human resolution.


To present a complete and accurate view of patients to all stakeholders across the organization you’ve invested substantial amounts of time and money on your MDM/EMPI/MPI platform. But the technology used to perform record matching for identity resolution has been used since the 60’s and simply does not complete the job.


Current match platforms use old technologies like deterministic and probabilistic. This technology cannot solve the difficult matches and throw up their hands and leave them for humans to manually review.

This leaves healthcare technology professionals with two bad options:

1) Ignore the problem? (patient safety alone makes this a non-starter)

2) Hire or assign human data stewards to manually review and determine matches? (this is very expensive and they’ll never catch up)


AI Steward™ is trained based on your actual match decisions. The match is totally custom to your business, and from the very beginning the accuracy is equal to your very best human data steward (and over a short period of time accuracy will surpass your best steward).

Once AI Steward™ is trained, the solution will resolve your entire backlog of tasks. Once the backlog is gone, AI Steward™ stands at the ready to resolve new tasks as they are created thereby solving the task problem forever.

 There is no customization or disruption of your current processes

 The matches from AI Steward™ are sent through your existing business rules

 The end-to-end process involves just a few easy steps


Regardless of technology vendor, what can you expect out of AI Steward™?

Providence St. Joseph healthcare estimated it would take over 13,000 human data steward hours to resolve more than 250,000 tasks in their queue. AI Steward™ made the team heroes by resolving the backlog of tasks in just 52 hours and saving the organization over $300K.

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