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Semarchy_COLOR 1280x312 (400x98)Semarchy is the Intelligent MDM™ company. Its xDM platform is an innovation in hybrid, multi-vector data management that encompasses the capabilities of Master Data Management (MDM) and Collaborative Data Governance. The software leverages smart algorithms and material design to simplify data stewardship, governance, and integration. Its platform is implemented via an agile and iterative approach that delivers business value almost immediately and scales to meet enterprise complexity. The technology is in use at some of the most well-known brands in the US and Europe, supporting all data domains, integration styles, industries and use cases in one environment that adapts to evolving business requirements.

Semarchy was founded in 2011 in France, by a team with a long history of delivering innovation in Data Integration. They believed that even after the consolidation of enterprise information management solutions, there was a great deal left to do in order to make this essential discipline accessible to nontechnical users.

In 2017, Semarchy brought the fourth-generation of its technology, renamed xDM, to market.

xDM is the intelligent Master Data Management (MDM) platform from Semarchy. A single solution that supports any domain, any style and any use case for MDM. Built-in agility and smart algorithms enable enterprise scalability via an iterative implementation process that delivers business value almost immediately.

xDM delivers on years of innovation, extending the semantic and machine learning that enables smart set-up, modeling, and processing to start to automate the data stewardship function with artificial intelligence. As future iterations of xDM evolve, the software will learn from its users, make smart suggestions based on past uses, and improve the efficiency of how data is handled across the enterprise.

Based on Google’s Material Design Language, the completely new interface drives an unparalleled user experience, offering simplicity and responsive design that powers ease-of-use for faster business value and adoption by business users.

Data champions and data stewards, curating key shared data assets of the enterprise, can define new data policies, enforce them using smart workflows, and measure their efficiency over time.

xDM provides data architects with one single and unified metadata-driven platform to define applications in one place. xDM takes care of generating all the pieces intelligently – depending on the MDM styles and domains – including the physical tables, the data certification framework, the enrichment and standardization processes, the integration services, the user interfaces, and more.

Semarchy has been acclaimed by industry analysts as well as a long list of global clients, who report tremendous satisfaction with the business value-add approach the company has taken.  Solutions are evolved into a business, and results appear in weeks with measurable ROI. Unlike the expensive, often multi-year implementations that have been required by MDM solutions in the past, xDM extends the agile development concept to its implementation paradigm.

Whether used as a Reference Data Management, Metadata Management, Location Data Management, Patient Data Management, or simple Product or Customer Data Management solution, or a mix of several working in concert, Semarchy has proven to offer full functionality for 80% of clients in under 10 weeks. Moreover, 60% of clients have implemented multiple MDM domains, often in their first year.

Semarchy clients include global brands such as Bose, Volkswagen and Merck. Respected British firms like BAE Systems, Elsevier, and Oxford University Press count on Semarchy technology, as do French organizations including GrDF, La Redoute and Groupe Beaumanoir.

Semarchy is headquartered in the United States, with offices in the UK and France.

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