Master Data Online (MDO) from Prospecta

Company Introduction

Prospecta_Colour_smallProspecta is one of the key players in Enterprise Data Management market. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Prospecta started in 2002 with niche services around enterprise customers for data and automation, whereas now it has extended it’s offerings to help organizations in their data journey and build a data culture. Prospecta Services include helping enterprise clients from all industries to define Data Strategy, help in Data Transformation, bring about Data Quality and enforce Data Governance. As an organization, Prospecta is SOC2, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 compliant.

Master Data Online (MDO)

MDOMaster Data Online (MDO) is the flagship product of Prospecta and entered the market in 2008 with its unique ability to solve multiple problems of standardizing spare parts and has grown at a steady pace into a far more evolved and matured solution which focuses around multiple data solutioning across systems like SAP, Salesforce and other leading Enterprise Systems.

MDO manages all key aspects of data quality and governance, from creation of master data all the way through to disposal.

Key Features:

  1. Role Based Accountability and Security – Field Level
  2. Integration Framework, Certified Adapters, DB/File Adapters and Rest Services
  3. Data Quality Framework allows to define data rules
  4. Mass Processing with Workflow and Governance
  5. User Centric – Configurable Interfaces for Mass and Online
  6. A Collaborative framework for External Partners
  7. Workflow that can be sequential or parallel
  8. Pre–Defined Business Rules, Various Data Domains with External Validators
  9. Analytics for SLA, Audit Logs and KPI’s for managing Data

MDO Role of

Solution Areas

Master Data Online (MDO) has 3 main solutions areas:

MDO Master Data Management (MDM)

The MDO platform is built on a governance framework allowing fitment for multiple use cases across industries. MDO comes with out of the box industry standards, business rules and best practices in data management.

Some of the key capabilities are:

  1. Helps enterprises in Collaboration, Active and Passive Governance of their master data.
  2. Certified Partners to SAP & Salesforce based on their master data models.
  3. Processes from the creation of Master Data through its disposal.
  4. Technology-agnostic Data Governance Framework that allows creating rules & adjudication of the operational processes within Master Data Management.
  5. Artificial Intelligence -based rules can grab master data without the intervention of manual
    activities, both online and Mass.

MDO Data Intelligence Workbench (DIW)

The MDO DIW has the tools and framework to support business rules based on traditional models and AI-based models, improving Data Quality.

Some of the key capabilities are:

  • The MDO DIW allows achieving data quality using various models and business rules.
  • Data Quality is measured based on the core six dimensions – Completeness, Consistency, Accuracy, Timelessness, Validity and Uniqueness.
  • DIW applies both rules and machine learning models on any data for classification, duplicates, detect anomalies, third party inclusion and regression
  • DIW is used in both MDM and MDO Fuse Platform
  • DIW provides insights, analysis for quality control

MDO Fuse

A data driven business platform for enterprise customers with a reliable data capture mechanism based on automation and intelligence. Some of the key capabilities are:

  • Design your own processes with minimum IT involvement.
  • Reduce the footprint of multiple cloud applications for discrete operational process.
  • Data can be captured from single data entry or in excel based Intelligent Mass Capture tool called XFuse.
  • Workflow Automation and SLA’s to streamline processes
  • Use the combination of DIW and SAP Cloud Analytics to analyze and predict.

MDO for SAP and Salesforce

MDO is SAP Silver Partner and its solutions for SAP are pre-configured with Integrated and Certified Data Models for SAP ECC and S/4HANA.  MDO Partners with SAP in Applications like Master Data, Data Quality & Intelligence and Analytics using SAP Cloud Analytics. MDO has built in Integration Packages for all the SAP modules without any requirement of middleware. MDO is an OEM solution to SAP and is also available on SAP App Center, visit this link for more details: MDO at SAP APP Center

MDO solution for Salesforce is pre-configured with Integrated and Certified Data Models for Salesforce. We are currently in the process of releasing a new version which will also include the MuleSoft Adapter. MDO is also available on Salesforce App Exchange, visit this link for more details: MDO at Salesforce App Exchange

MDO is not restricted to these ERP systems and has the capability to integrate with all leading ERP systems.

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