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WinPure’s Clean & Match Contextual MDM is a commercial, open-source, Master Data Management solution, designed to reduce the manual work needed to clean and match/link and integrate the organizations information. WinPure’s Clean & Match Contextual MDM is versatile, scalable, and helps to achieve more accurate record linkage, and new levels of simplicity and flexibility in data management. The system can be designed to integrate with almost any business system or data repository such as Salesforce, SQL Server, ORACLE, or many others. This solution has been designed for small and medium businesses, or larger organizations looking to quickly implement master data management solutions as part of new systems deployments.

Traditional MDM solutions are very cumbersome, built for IT, require lots of time and very large investments, and are not always the best or the most practical solutions to achieve some functional level of master data management. MDM is designed to ensure the management and distribution of unique business entities, such as people, places, and things. But a lot of data cleansing, validation, and matching/linking still happens manually, which is much slower, and is not usually as accurate. This results in hidden operational costs, reduced ROI, slower operations, and duplicate and fragmented information. WinPure’s Clean & Match Contextual MDM solution is designed to continuously clean, match/link, and integrate an organizations business information.

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General Business Benefits:

  • WinPure’s Clean & Match Contextual MDM requires minimal investment, compared to traditional MDM.
  • Faster data prep and batch load operations with better record linkage, built for the business user.
  • Flexible and effective interconnectivity with other internal and external databases and systems via API, with better record linkage and approval workflows.
  • Accelerating M&A synergies and increasing business value through better record linkage and better business outcomes.
  • Google-like error-tolerant search for better record linkage, better duplicate prevention, less fragmented information, and better business insight.
  • Supports open source development concepts, empowering organizations to build best in class data management solutions.

Our vision is to further containerize and package all of this technology into smaller, more consumable, building blocks, allowing organizations to implement simple and effective record linkage solutions, tailormade to their organization, faster, and more economically, fueling a new generation of integrated data cleansing and best in class record linkage and MDM technologies.

Our mission is to help organizations to streamline the initial data integration for new deployments, to simplify the manual work being done to clean, match/link and prepare data for MDM, data integration, or other purposes, to help our clients to implement simple tools and solutions allowing less technical people to interface with these backend databases, and to fill a critical market gap.

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How data matching is used in Master Data Management:

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