Kalido MDM

Magnitude+IS Logo RGBMagnitude Kalido MDM, Magnitude Software’s Master Data Management solution offers enterprises the core capabilities to model multiple data entities, harmonize the data sources and manage governance processes for reference data and master data. The result? Well organized and fit for purpose data that applications can subscribe to, leading to improved business outcomes. Benefits of master data include higher revenue potential through customer insights regarding product and spend performance, operational efficiencies which are generated through reduced time and effort to support manual or complex data management processes, streamlined global reporting with local autonomy for business/country units providing accurate visibility to business performance and risk of regulatory compliance issues.

How can Kalido MDM help your business?

Most organizations today live in an Excel world of siloed users doing their data tasks, e-mailing updates, and spending time correcting uncontrolled data, obtaining updates and trying to manually maintain a consistently current version for their business needs. What Magnitude Software’s Master Data Management solution – Kalido MDM offers enterprises is the ability to distribute an MDM based application. Customers can deploy these applications, so their business has one single tool to go to for key information. Users can log in and manage the data they are directly responsible for.

The MDM applications are integrated with the MDM data, provisioning multiple user groups with the ability to search, edit, and validate information while enforcing workflow approval processes. Because the Kalido MDM application sits directly on top of the repository of mastered data, there are surfaced capabilities for audit lineage and activity reporting for comprehensive control of any end to end data driven process. The end result? Distributed business adoption of an application that is a go-to resource for all departments.  Kalido MDM allows users the flexibility to access what they need, when they need it, from either their mobile device or a web browser. The speed and efficiency gained is substantial enough for even large/enterprise organizations who require a data-driven application to guide and govern their process and users.


Kalido MDM features and benefits include:

Model it for every domain

  • Rich modeling constructs support real-world business environment
  • Domain-agnostic modeling, matching and mapping capabilities reduce manual stewardship
  • Visually models common and obscure domains without costly customizations

Master it with everyone

  • Audience-specific interfaces provide active, role-based involvement
  • Sophisticated workflow and model-driven API enables real-time collaboration
  • Policy-driven governance enables executive involvement

Govern it everywhere

  • Universal access from mobile devices, browsers, analytical and operational applications
  • Change management capabilities to support master data lifecycle
  • Audit, validation and security managed seamlessly

With Kalido MDM’s model-driven interface, user interface screens are generated based on the model elements. But sometimes, you need a custom interface to enable data stewards, data providers and business users to perform specific, customized tasks to manage master and reference data.  Kalido MDM supports the creation of ‘MDM Apps’ to customize the user interface to support the business process.

Key Benefits of Kalido MDM

  1. Cost Saving
  2. Operational Efficiency
  3. IT Simplification
  4. Reporting, Risk, Compliance

Common uses of the Kalido MDM solution include:

  • Reference Data Management– integrate and harmonize external and internal reference data – such as industry codes, entity identifiers, country codes, units of measure and conversion rates – used to categorize information across systems.
  • Hierarchy Management– visually manage and browse multiple different views of data for different uses across systems, easily handling re-organizations.
  • Data Harmonization– combine multiple data sources into an integrated, unambiguous entity “golden copy” record that can be used by consuming systems to feed a business process.
  • Central Master Data Authoring– create a centralized master data authoring system to create new records, apply custom business rules and then publish to consuming operational systems.

About Magnitude Software, an insightsoftware company 

Magnitude Software, which was recently acquired by insightsoftware in November 2021, leads the way in delivering corporate insights for digital transformation with solutions that tackle the growing problem of data fragmentation in organizations of all sizes. Magnitude’s portfolio of products includes: pervasive connectivity, master data management (MDM) and pre-packaged analytics solutions for corporate performance management (CPM). For hundreds of thousands of users around the globe, the Company’s software and solutions drive real business results while reducing operational cost and risk. For more information about Magnitude Kalido MDM, visit https://www.magnitude.com/products/data-integration/kalido-mdm.

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