Reltio Connected Customer 360

Reltio LogoInnovative Global 2000 companies trust Reltio to manage their mission-critical data to win in the experience economy. Reltio Connected Customer 360 is at the heart of customer experience to drive hyper-personalization, accelerate real-time operations, and simplify compliance with customer consent and data privacy laws. The award-winning, cloud-native multi-domain master data management (MDM) platform enables business agility, real-time operations at enterprise scale, and insight-ready data for use downstream analytics and activation.

Reltio Connected Customer 360 manages all data types including multi-domain master data, transaction and interaction data, third-party, public and social data. Using Connected GraphNoSQL graph technology, the platform identifies complex relationships among individuals, entities, products and services, locations, and more. Data is fused into a new breed of data-driven applications that business teams leverage on a daily basis to drive business value. By breaking down operational and analytical silos, teams can continuously collaborate to improve the reliability of information, receive recommendations through machine learning, relevant to their goals, and take immediate action, all within the same application. Information flows in a closed-loop cycle that continuously assesses and publishes outcomes to demonstrate value and refine recommendations for better results.

Reltio Connected Customer 360 for MDM is the only product in the market that includes Reference Data Management (RDM) for MDM at no base cost. Traditional mapping requires data stewards to manually synchronize and remediate reference data, which is neither efficient nor reliable. Reltio Connected Customer 360’s RDM capabilities improve data governance and operational excellence with an easy to use application that creates, manages and provisions reference data for better reporting and analytics.

With legacy on-premises MDM, costs are high, data stewards are overworked and it takes too long to derive any significant business value from the data. Importantly, traditional “packaged software” is rigid and slow. Changes to profile attributes require expertise in the given on-prem application or professional services from the vendor. They also lack real-time capabilities because they were not designed for today’s fast-moving digital economy.  Reltio Connected Customer 360 MDM is developed ground up as multi-tenant with no legacy workaround burden. It provides lower TCO through economies of scale. In addition, Reltio Connected Customer 360 MDM scales across all environments facilitating quick onboarding and customization. All customers are on the latest version with zero downtime upgrades and benefit from cross-industry best practices.

See your world like never before

Reltio Connected Customer 360 puts all the information you need in one place, accessible in real-time. Reliable and accurate data from internal, third-party, public, and social media sources is matched, merged and cleansed to create a true 360 view of everything. With Reltio’s multi-domain master data management, business users get a new breed of enterprise data-driven applications, combining both operational and analytical capabilities for a complete view of any business entity, including all relationships between people, products, places, and activities.

Understand and act on relationships

Reltio Connected Customer 360, powered by multi-model data storage and Connected Graph technology, identifies and reveals relationships among people, products, places, and activities you care about, helps build contextual hierarchies with rollups, guiding you with personalized visuals and intelligent recommendations.

Combine intelligence with action

Unlike analytics-only tools, Reltio Connected Customer 360 does operational MDM. Reltio Connected Customer 360 leverages machine learning to continuously improve data consistency, accuracy and manageability for better data quality (DQ), uncovering patterns, anomaly detection and assisting teams across the organisation such as data stewards, to make their job more focused and efficient. Integrated advanced analytics also enables a seamless foundation for the generation of relevant insights and contextual recommended actions, which can be operationalized through data-driven applications.  You can take actions, add new profiles and attributes, provide feedback on data quality through voting, or kickoff workflow tasks for in-depth investigation.

Focus on what’s relevant to you

Teams work with industry-specific, personalized, data-driven models that bring together data and insights, relevant to the role and task at hand. With ease-of-use similar to popular consumer applications like LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook, teams get productive very quickly.

Share and grow enterprise-wide

Using built-in as well as third-party connectors, your applications come with your data blended with other sources, so you are up and running quickly. And because Reltio data-driven applications can auto-subscribe to each other for relevant data, everyone shares valuable intelligence with each new deployment. Built-in workflow and collaboration capabilities help with governance and ongoing data curation.

All at the speed of the cloud

IT can now deliver value to the business faster. Real-time configurable data models adapt to business needs, across any use case, for any industry, without tedious customizations. Reltio Connected Customer 360 is multi-domain, multi-cloud, multi-tenant, horizontally-scalable, and always available. Deployed in the cloud, you’ll be up and running quickly with any future updates made easily.


Reltio Connected Customer 360 – multi-domain master data management

Reltio’s market momentum continues to accelerate: Forrester rates Reltio as a Leader in its Forrester Wave Master Data Management report. In 2019, it was ranked No. 1304 in Inc. Magazine’s prestigious “Inc. 5000” list of the fastest-growing private software companies in America, thanks to over 316% revenue growth in three years.  More recently, Reltio has ranked No. 7 among all San Francisco companies and No. 10 among all software providers in America. And in 2020, Reltio Connected Customer 360 took the top spot in the marketing category at Ventana Research’s 13th Annual Digital Innovation Awards. The company’s customer base now includes top pharmaceutical, technology, healthcare, retail, and financial services companies in the world.

Reltio Connected Customer 360  is the only Self-Learning Data Platform™ that provides reliable master data management (MDM), relevant big data insights and machine learning-powered recommended actions, leveraging multiple clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Businesses can accelerate digital transformation, leveraging continuous data organization and recommended actions to measure and improve operations. Reltio organizes all data sources and formats, creating a unified data set with unlimited personalized views across sales, marketing, and compliance. With machine learning, Reltio recommends actions and measures their business impact. Reltio customers become Self-Learning Enterprises by putting data at the heart of every decision, building analytics into operations, and continuously learning about their customers, products and their relationships. More at

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