Register your MDM / PIM / DAM solution

As a solution provider you can register your solution on this site in order to be a solution considered by organizations looking for a:

  • Master Data Management (MDM) solution
  • Customer Data Integration (CDI) solution
  • Product Information Management (PIM) solution
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution

There are three listing levels:

Front page:

You solution will appear on the front page with an up to 3 lines of presentation. Links to your website cannot appear here. But if you have a presentation page, the link to that will appear here. Visitors may mention and review your solution on the front page as a reply. The front page only price is 200 EUR / 240 USD per year excluding VAT / Taxes.

Presentation page:

You will be with 3 lines on the front page with a link to your own presentation page (see example) with possible links to your website. Visitors may review your solution on this page as a reply. Your price is 500 EUR / 600 USD per year excluding VAT / Taxes.

Listings with presentation pages will be sorted first on the front page.

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Replies are under moderation, so only professional reviews are allowed.

Register here (we will contact you if you order a presentation page):

Solutions will be sorted in the order they are registered inside each listing level.

You can either make your online payment here and you will receive a tax invoice or we can send you an invoice for bank transfer payment.