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Viamedici is one of the leading providers of software solutions; Multi-Domain MDM, PIM, DAM, and CPQ, for the digitalization of product management, marketing, and
sales processes. Our focus is on Product 360° providing our customers with
information about everything that interacts with their products, expediting the
introduction of products, managing product data in multiple channels and enabling
self-service product configuration for our customer’s customers. This focus has
provided us with a strong market position and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Our corporate headquarters is in Germany, and we have offices in the US, France,
Russia, Japan, India and Hong Kong. In addition, we have a global network of
excellent consulting partners who support our customers in the introduction of our
solutions and the design of the processes.

As an innovative technology company, we have a very large research and
development area, a strong consulting unit to support customers and partners and, of
course, 24/7 global support. We regularly receive awards for innovation, products
and customer service.

Our business

Viamedici solutions ensure greater efficiency in product management, marketing and
sales and form the basis for the digitalization of the corresponding processes.
Our solutions are an important component of a modern IT infrastructure and ensure
that all information on a company’s products and services is available at all times and
provides a 360° view of Product data. This is a crucial prerequisite for e-business,
enables the rapid market launch of new products, and ensures consistent and
targeted customer information and communication.

This gives our customers high impact and agility, especially in the digital world. This
allows them to quickly test and implement plans. In this way, we contribute to the
competitiveness of our customers.

At the heart of our portfolio is the Viamedici EPIM product information management
suite, which also includes multi-domain master data management, media asset
management, total quality management, data governance, real-time data syndication,
product and offer configuration, and cross media publishing.

Our solution provides powerful apps for customer self-service and e-commerce
resulting in higher sales and customer targeting. Additionally, we provide a and a
large number of interface modules that enable organizations to capitalize on their
existing technical investments.

Our USPs

An important aspect is the high scalability and flexibility of our solution. This means
that we can also handle very large data volumes and complex data structures without
any problem.

We provide our solution in real time regardless of the amount of data that is being
managed millisecond response rates are standard.

Many of our customers have utilized our self-service CPQ solution that enables them
to take advantage of our solution including rules management, product configuration
and quote configuration.

This enables our customers to maintain and manage their product data and rule sets
in just one central software solution. Existing sets of rules, such as those from SAP
Variant Configuration, can also be integrated and used.

The combination of product data management and product configuration offers
invaluable advantages in system sales and in the management of variant-rich
portfolios. This is an important aspect in the age of personalization, individualization
and digitization of products and services. It results in higher sales and customer

In order to guarantee our customers maximum security and performance, we operate
our own Viamedici EPIM Cloud, which is designed as a hybrid and multi-cloud and
also supports the integration of public cloud services. The concept is very powerful
and is very well accepted by the market.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that our Time to Value approach, combined with our
Continuous Development and Rolling Update processes, enables very short
implementation times, high investment security and low ongoing costs.

And we maintain very close and open contact with our customers. It is their wishes
and requirements that help determine our roadmap.

Customer benefit

The situation is ideal for the customer. He gets an excellent solution with a low
project risk, is quickly productive and receives comprehensive and competent
support. What more could you want?

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