Case Study List

This is a list of case studies from solution and service providers on The Disruptive MDM / PIM / DQM List. The list is divided into industries.

The aim is to give inspiration for organizations having the quest to implement or upgrade their Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM) and/or Data Quality Management (DQM) capability.


RES (Renewable Energy Systems) builds and operates large-scale, grid-connected renewable energy projects worldwide. Reducing compliance risks and operational costs related to sites, projects, human resources and party data are strategic goals to maintain RES’ growth. Explore more in the Semarchy case study Sustainable Data Governance with an Intelligent Data Hub.


Villeroy & Boch, a leading manufacturer of stylish and innovative lifestyle products, needed a solution that would help them reach customers across online and offline channels to improve retention and create brand ambassadors. Learn how Villeroy & Boch is digitizing for the future in the Contentserv case study Building a Strong Foundation for Omnichannel Success.

Vaillant, an established provider of high-efficiency heating, cooling and hot water systems in Europe, needed an efficient end-to-end solution that would manage their product data and distribute consistent and accurate information to its employees, partners and customers across channels. Get the details including the key benefits gained since implementation in the Contentserv case study Controlling the Elements.

Trust is a leading global digital lifestyle accessories manufacturer, present in 25 markets. In order to stay relevant and grow in the digital age, they needed to build a strong e-commerce presence – and quickly – before the Chinese peak season. Read more about solving common data management problems at manufacturing companies in the Contentserv case study Building a Strong E-Commerce Presence.

Transport and logistics

CMA CGM, a leading maritime and logistics player, is applying data governance and data intelligence to data management in a major transformation initiative. Watch this in the Semarchy case study From Data Management to Data Intelligence: The Journey of a Top Maritime and Logistics Player.


Lacoste reduced its time-to-market from months to weeks! Since the creation of the first polo shirt, Lacoste has relied on the authenticity of its sporting roots to bring optimism and elegance all over the world. Learn more about the data management challenges and the role of PIM in the Contentserv case study Lacoste – Driving Omnichannel Brand Experiences.

Wholesale and retail

Zijerveld is an established supplier, wholesaler and retailer of assorted local and international cheese. They needed to comply with food safety laws, while building a strong e-commerce presence to remain relevant and competitive. Read more about supplier product data management and regulatory challenges, PIM and data quality in the Contentserv case study Complete Transparency from Source to Consumer Towards Full Compliance and E-Commerce Success.

Discount Tire Company is an independent tire and wheel retailer. To provide customers with seamless, personalized experiences online, Discount Tire needed a holistic, 360-degree view of its customers and their vehicles, including a standardized way to approach customer segmentation and identify members of the same household. Gaining a single view of each vehicle was also important because a vehicle changes hands when it is sold, presenting new opportunities for the retailer to grow its customer base. Learn about how this was achieved with the help from Informatica in the case study about Discount Tire.

Food and beverage service

Shake Shack’s restaurant data, previously stored in a variety of applications and spreadsheets, was difficult to access in any unified way, and of unreliable quality posing a challenge to efficient operations, financial management, and reporting. Learn about he solution to this challenge in the Semarchy case study Shaking Up Old Processes for Efficiency and Cutting Edge MDM.

Chipotle, a California based chain of fast casual restaurants, has eliminated data redundancy, empowered the business to be proactive and react quickly in a competitive industry, increased brand awareness and customer loyalty and reduced regulatory compliance risks. Watch how in the Semarchy case study Gaining Full Visibility and Control of the Supply Chain with Better Data.


AG2R La Mondiale is a multinational insurance firm based in Paris. As part of its digital transformation the French leader in social and heritage protection set up an innovative urbanization architecture for its information system to better serve its customers and business users. Watch this in the Semarchy case study Control and Governance of Personal Data in a Complex and Moving Applications Environment.