How would or did you select a tool?

When selecting a tool for a Master Data Management (MDM) / Product Information Management (PIM) / Data Quality Management (DQM) solution you can:

  • Select a longlist of 5 to 10 solutions that you after some research narrow down to a shortlist and after some more thorough research you will from this select a solution for a PoC / contract.
  • Select a shortlist of 3 to 5 solutions and after some research select a solution for a PoC / contract.
  • Directly select a solution for a Proof of Concept (PoC) and Business Case.

How would you – or did you – select a tool?


PS: You can jumpstart a longlist, shortlist or PoC tailored to your context, scope and requirements by going to Select Your Solution.

Your solution list

Blog Roundup

The Disruptive MDM / PIM List blog has been online for nearly 2 years. During this time a range of blog posts has been posted. This include:

Vendor Perspectives

The registered vendors have provided guest blog posts with content that elaborates the unique capabilities offered by the solution vendors. Examples are:


Some of the new Three Letter Acronyms in this realm has been examined:

Analyst Firms

As this list lives in symbiosis with the analyst firms active in the MDM / PIM space, these posts were about their work:

Blog Roundup

It Takes Less than 15 Million USD to be on This List

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions is probably the most referenced vendor ranking service in the MDM space. You can see which vendors that are included in the quadrant – and their yearly revenue as estimated by Gartner – in the post MDM Vendor Revenues According to Gartner.

The entrance ticket for vendors in the quadrant is a yearly MDM related software (license and maintenance) revenue of minimum 15 Million USD.

This list (The Disruptive MDM/PIM List) does not require any minimum revenue for vendors to register their solution. Some of the already listed solutions are also included in the Gartner MDM Magic Quadrant and some are not (yet).

For organizations on the look for an MDM and/or PIM solution this means that there is a choice of considering both larger and established disruptive solutions and considering newer and specialized solutions for a longlist and a shortlist within a tool selection activity.

These are the solutions currently on the list:

Specialized or Gartnerish

Lear more about these solutions on the list.

MDM / PIM Market Reports

There are plenty of market reports about Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions – some more trustworthy than others as examined in the post MDM Alternative Facts.

A common way of presenting the positioning of the solution vendors is doing it in a rectangle (called wave, quadrant, grid, landscape …) where being close to the top right is the best.

Here are five examples:

MDM PIM Market Reports

For larger picture click here.

Even the bigger and broadly recognized analyst firms disagree in some degree as told in the post Several Sources of Truth about MDM / PIM Solutions.

When adding more rectangles as for example the G2 Grid® for Master Data Management (MDM) you can get even more confused.

The results from the market reports are also dependent on what solutions that are included and willingness to contribute from vendors as discussed in the post Movements in the MDM Vendor Landscape 2019.

This list does not try to make a generic ranking of the vendors in a rectangle or any other shape. Relevant vendors can register and present their solution as they like. We can help making your longlist, shortlist and final selection. Either way, you can get in contact here.

What is PxM?

Product experience Management (PxM or PXM) is a trending term in the Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) world.

As reported in the post Product Something Management the acronym PxM is one of several three letter acronyms starting with P and ending with M in play in this space.

Some of the topics handled in a PxM solution that can be seen as a development of traditional PIM solution are:

  • Analysis of product content including encompassing other data domains
  • Emphasis on product content that is search engine optimized (SEO)
  • Context aware presentation of product content
  • Personalization of product content
  • Exploiting Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the above-mentioned scenarios

Solution vendors on the market are positioning themselves in relation to PxM as some vendors are going in the direction of being a PxM vendor while other vendors embrace the span from MDM over PIM to PxM. This urges solution buyers on the market to focus on implementing PxM from a best of breed vendor in this realm or to look for one-stop-shopping.

You can meet both kind of solution vendors on this list.

PxM wordle