MDM, PIM or Both

Organizations on the look for solutions that handles Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) have the choice of implementing a solution that is more focused on MDM, more focused on PIM or a solution (or mix of solutions) that encompasses both disciplines. Let us have a look at some of the solutions on the market that are either more MDM’ish, more PIM’ish or both:

MDM ish and PIM ish vendors 

Reltio is cloud based MDM’ish solution that also goes into other data types than traditional master data under a theme named modern data management. Learn more about Reltio Cloud here.

Semarchy is also MDM’ish and promoted as an intelligent data hub. Learn more about Semarchy xDM here.

Riversand has developed from being PIM’ish to now also being MDM’ish. Learn more about Riversand here.

EnterWorks has taken a similar route from being PIM’ish to being positioned as a MDM’ish solution too. Learn about Enterworks here.

CONTENTSERV is another example of a PIM’ish solution developing towards being MDM’ish too. Learn more about CONTENTSERV here.

SyncForce is a solution in the PIM’ish camp. Learn about SyncForce here.

Dynamicweb PIM is, as the name implies, another example of a PIM’ish solution. Learn more about Dynamicweb PIM here.

Informatica Customer 360 Insights is a MDM’ish solution from Informatica, who also delivers other MDM’ish and PIM’sih solutions. Learn more about Informatica Customer 360 Insights here.

Magnitude and Agility® are respectively an MDM’ish and a PIM’ish solution from the same house. Learn more about Magnitude MDM here and learn more about Agility here.

Product Data Lake is a PIM’ish solution that can supplement the other solutions in business ecosystem wide MDM. Learn more about Product Data Lake here

MDM, PIM, DAM within Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) are some interrelated disciplines that again is interrelated with other disciplines in the data management space.

MDM PIM DAM and Data Management

The core disciplines are:

  • MDM has some sub disciplines, most notable:
    • Multidomain MDM which is when the MDM effort encompasses not only a single master data domain as for example customer, supplier, employee (all being party master data) or product master data but all master data domains relevant for a given organization.
    • Multienterprise MDM which is an emerging discipline where the scope of sharing master data goes from doing that within a given organization to embracing the business ecosystem(s) where the organization operates.
  • PIM can be seen as an extension to product master data management which takes care of the product information in marketing and sales scenarios. In addition:
    • PIM has some overlapping acronyms as PCM, PDM, PLM and PxM as discussed in the post Product Something Management.
    • Product Data Syndication is the multienterprise (business ecosystem wide) scenario related to PIM, where product information is shared between trading partners (or between disconnected entities belonging to the same organization).
  • DAM is most commonly related to PIM and the requirement for handling digital assets as images, textual documents, videos and more related to products, but the digital assets can also relate to other master data entities.

Reference Data Management (RDM) is closely related to these disciplines as told in the post RDM: A Small but Important Extension to MDM.

Data Governance can be seen as an overarching discipline for data management and should also go hand in hand with MDM, PIM and DAM. A core result from MDM, PIM and DAM activities is to provide sustainable data quality so that data cleansing and data matching does not have to be done over and again.

MDM and RDM underpins data reporting activities, Test Data Management (TDM) and data security and MDM, PIM and DAM is an essential aspect of data architecture, data modelling and data integration.

If you are considering solutions for MDM, PIM and DAM, our list features some of the best solutions from the most forward-looking vendors on the market. Check it out here.

Our List and the Other Lists

The Disruptive Master Data Management Solutions List is a list of Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions.

You can use this list when making a solution provider longlist and shortlist for an MDM and/or PIM solution.

There are other such lists out there – which is good. Many organisations rely on the major analyst firms such as Gartner and Forrester when compiling such lists. So, let’s have a look at how our listed solutions providers are represented in the reports published by these analyst firm.

This walk through is based on a blog post with the title Several Sources of Truth about MDM / PIM Solutions.

  • Reltio is a leader in the Forrester MDM wave and is also included in the Gartner MDM quadrant.
  • Riversand is a strong MDM and PIM performer at the Forrester waves and a visionary in the Gartner MDM quadrant.
  • Semarchy just made a high jump into the Gartner MDM quadrant challenger zone and according to Forrester they have the strongest MDM strategy possible.
  • EnterWorks is a PIM leader and also an MDM leader according to Forrester and is also included in the Gartner MDM quadrant.
  • Magnitude Software has moved up from contender to be a strong performer in the Forrester Wave.
  • Contentserv is a PIM leader on the Forrester wave and is also included in the Gartner MDM quadrant.
  • AllSight has recently been acquired by Informatica, who is an MDM leader both with Forrester and Gartner.

Our other listed solutions are SyncForce, Dynamicweb PIM, Agility Multichannel and Product Data Lake (who is behind this list).

Vendors can register and present themselves on our list.


The List is Growing

The Disruptive Master Data Management Solutions List was launched in autumn 2017 and it is now time for a short status.

The list is now running at just below 1,000 monthly visits. There are just below 400 followers if you, as WordPress does, counts the Twitter followers as well. There are 12 registered solutions including the founding solution Product Data Lake.

MDM List 20180801

The number of high quality guest blog posts by featured vendors has increased dramatically during the last month and more are expected to join.

If you represent an end user organization or someone who consults such an organization, you can use the list for making a vendor longlist and/or shortlist for an upcoming Master Data Management (MDM) / Product Information Management (PIM) implementation.

If you represent a vendor not on The Disruptive MDM List, you can register here.