MDM, PIM or Both

Organizations on the look for solutions that handles Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) have the choice of implementing a solution that is more focused on MDM, more focused on PIM or a solution (or mix of solutions) that encompasses both disciplines. Let us have a look at some of the solutions on the market that are either more MDM’ish, more PIM’ish or both:

MDM ish and PIM ish vendors 

Reltio is cloud based MDM’ish solution that also goes into other data types than traditional master data under a theme named modern data management. Learn more about Reltio Cloud here.

Semarchy is also MDM’ish and promoted as an intelligent data hub. Learn more about Semarchy xDM here.

Riversand has developed from being PIM’ish to now also being MDM’ish. Learn more about Riversand here.

EnterWorks has taken a similar route from being PIM’ish to being positioned as a MDM’ish solution too. Learn about Enterworks here.

CONTENTSERV is another example of a PIM’ish solution developing towards being MDM’ish too. Learn more about CONTENTSERV here.

SyncForce is a solution in the PIM’ish camp. Learn about SyncForce here.

Dynamicweb PIM is, as the name implies, another example of a PIM’ish solution. Learn more about Dynamicweb PIM here.

Informatica Customer 360 Insights is a MDM’ish solution from Informatica, who also delivers other MDM’ish and PIM’sih solutions. Learn more about Informatica Customer 360 Insights here.

Magnitude and Agility® are respectively an MDM’ish and a PIM’ish solution from the same house. Learn more about Magnitude MDM here and learn more about Agility here.

Product Data Lake is a PIM’ish solution that can supplement the other solutions in business ecosystem wide MDM. Learn more about Product Data Lake here

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