Master Data Workflow Management

Workflow management has become a core requirement for organizations on the look for a Master Data Management (MDM) and/or Product Data Management (PIM) solution.

In the early days of MDM solutions, these applications were often integrated with a third-party workflow engine, but today it has become most common that the workflow management capability is built-in and comes as a – sometimes extra charged – native part of the solution.

The approval process for onboarding master data entities is the most frequent use case for building a master data workflow. However, we increasingly see other use cases addressed, not at least data quality checks (which also supports the approval process).

For party master data (customer and other roles) some examples of workflow elements are:

For product master data some examples are:

  • Completeness check for various stages (sellable, catalogue ready, online ready)
  • Compliance check and approval
  • Pricing approval

Below are a few examples on how MDM/PIM vendors promote and explain their workflow offering:

Master Data Workflow Management

The examples are taken from the Contentserv MDM, Dynamicweb PIM, Reltio workflow & collaboration and Semarchy xDM pages.

3 thoughts on “Master Data Workflow Management

  1. MDM is a collaborative process and the workflow helps to bring different stakeholders together to achieve the business function. Really like the segmentation in terms of party/product workflows here.


  2. Thanks for the comments Richard and Sonal. Indeed, workflow management bridges between the pure technology and collaborative data governance.


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