Step 4

Request your solution list based on the information provided in step 2 and step 3:

The result will look like this:

Your solution list

I will send the result to the Email provided in step 1.

This service is currently in trial status, so expect up to a couple of workdays before the result comes through.

Note 1: The solutions considered are those who are:

  • On this Disruptive MDM / PIM / DQM Solutions List or
  • Gartner MDM Magic Quadrant or
  • Forrester MDM Wave or Forrester PIM Wave or
  • Information Difference MDM Landscape

Note 2: The tool selection algorithm does not thoroughly take Return on Investment (ROI) factors into consideration. You will need to make a Business Case which may exclude some solutions and favor some other solutions. As part of that, you will need to contact vendors for a price indication. You can do that in step 5.