MDM / PIM Market Reports

There are plenty of market reports about Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions – some more trustworthy than others as examined in the post MDM Alternative Facts.

A common way of presenting the positioning of the solution vendors is doing it in a rectangle (called wave, quadrant, grid, landscape …) where being close to the top right is the best.

Here are five examples:

MDM PIM Market Reports

For larger picture click here.

Even the bigger and broadly recognized analyst firms disagree in some degree as told in the post Several Sources of Truth about MDM / PIM Solutions.

When adding more rectangles as for example the G2 Grid® for Master Data Management (MDM) you can get even more confused.

The results from the market reports are also dependent on what solutions that are included and willingness to contribute from vendors as discussed in the post Movements in the MDM Vendor Landscape 2019.

This list does not try to make a generic ranking of the vendors in a rectangle or any other shape. Relevant vendors can register and present their solution as they like. We can help making your longlist, shortlist and final selection. Either way, you can get in contact here.

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