4 Vendor Paths to Multidomain MDM

In short, multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) is about handling all core business entities under a single regime. This encompasses customer MDM, vendor MDM – or better unified party / business partner MDM, product MDM, location MDM, asset MDM and the relations between those domains.

MDM VennAs a user organization you may choose the buy these technologies separately or buy a multidomain MDM solution from a given vendor.

There are a range of available multidomain solutions on the market. These solutions have been assembled in different ways. Below are 4 paths various vendors have taken to offer a multidomain MDM solution:


Mega-vendors as IBM, Oracle and Informatica have bought best-of-breed solutions and wrapped those under the brand. Taking advantage of this offering will typically mean also choosing other technologies from there whole application stack and the technologies that handles the various domains will not be exactly the same.


ADM stands for Application Data Management. Some offerings are an extension to an ERP suite. The predominant example is SAP MDG. With SAP MDG you get a close integration and a data model fit with the popular SAP ECC solution. However, if you want to include other sources, you may have a hard time doing that.


Some former traditional Product Information Management (PIM) vendors have successfully transformed their solution into a true multidomain MDM solution. This includes (all from this list) Enterworks, Riversand and Stibo Systems. Recently Stibo Systems announced that their last year’s impressive growth was led by increased demand for multidomain solutions.

Natural born

Other solutions are built up from scratch and thought through as a multidomain MDM solution. Examples includes Orchestra Networks, Reltio and Semarchy.

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