Riversand. Know Your Data.


Riversand’s vision is to help enterprises grow their business by maximizing the power of data. We offer a number of advanced cloud-based and on-prem solutions for smooth, streamlined data management.

In today’s business world, data is power. Your success as an intelligent enterprise depends on your ability to gather, manage and analyze data within all areas of business operations and across the supply chain. Access to consistent and accurate product data is crucial, as is full understanding of your customers’ wants and needs. Riversand enables you to turn your raw data into meaningful, useful insights.

Enterprises cannot remain fragmented or siloed. Unified management and clear communication between departments is vital for the consistent sharing of information. Connected, unified departments are critical for agility and digital transformation. Riversand’s mission is to give every enterprise the tools it needs to overcome siloing and link departments and divisions into a seamless, nimble powerhouse.

Automation is the future. Machine learning, business intelligence and artificial intelligence are the gateway to faster innovation-based business processes. Riversand pulls your enterprise firmly up to date, equipping you with the automated tools to mine the insights you need to make better business decisions.

Riversand solutions support companies to onboard and maintain consistent product data, maximize insights into customer behavior, manage content and digital assets and to create rich content quickly. Riversand provides the following benefits to our many clients:

  •  Ensure accurate and consistent product information across all channels with smooth onboarding from vendors and easy content distribution.
  •  Understand customer behavior and demands and analyze the customer relationship  through data insights
  •  Drive smarter decision-making with a detailed yet holistic view of the business, harnessing machine learning and business intelligence
  •  Manage item creation and processing at multiple levels by connecting relevant information throughout the supply chain
  •  Improve brand consistency with scaled rich content creation and seamless syndication across channels and departments
  •  Reduce time to market for new products by leveraging smart automation and streamlined communication with vendors and within the company

Riversand’s MDM, PIM and DAM solutions are all fully integrated and interconnected. Equipped with connectors to link each solution with other Riversand data management tools and your existing IT infrastructure, Riversand solutions fit easily into every ecosystem, empowering and connecting data management to increase operational efficiency.

Make Data Matter. Learn more about Riversand data management solutions here.


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