Data Quality and Data Governance

Data Quality

4 Keys to Unlocking Data Quality with MDMBusinesses today face a rapidly growing mountain of content and data. Mastering this content can unlock a whole new level of Business Intelligence for your organization and impact a range of data analytics. It’s also crucial for operational excellence and digital transformation. Download the 1WorldSync and Enterworks ebook on 4 Keys to Unlocking Data Quality with MDM.

Datactics coreWhat are the trends and technologies bringing data quality functions closer to the data and moving responsibility and control from central IT functions to data stewards and SMEs, thereby achieving greater operational efficiency and higher value data assets? Learn how to tackle the urgency for regulatory compliance, competitive advantage and the demand for high data quality. View (as PDF) the Datactics white paper about Self Service Data Quality.

Data Governance

Six Components of Successful Data GovernanceData is the most “valuable and ignored asset” for today’s organizations. From GDPR to omnichannel, your team likely has a long list of data goals to achieve. Get an in-depth report on the steps necessary to achieve Data Governance, Data Quality, and Data Stewardship for your organization. Download the Amplifi and Enterworks ebook on Six Components of Successful Data Governance.

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