What Will the Twenty-Twenties Bring to MDM?

We are now entering into a new decade: The twenty-twenties. Last time it was the twenties, back in the nineteen-twenties, this decade was defined as the Golden Age Twenties, the Roaring Twenties the Jazz Age or in French “Années folles” meaning the Crazy Years.

If we look into Master Data Management (MDM) the next decade could be the golden age of MDM. The MDM discipline has been around for 15 years or so now. The number of organizations that have implemented an MDM solution is not a big number – perhaps around 10,000 world-wide as examined in the post Counting MDM Licenses. This number may be more than 10-fold higher at the end of the decade and thus making MDM – and what is beyond – a common part of enterprise IT landscapes.

The next MDM decade will probably also be roaring, jazzy and even crazy. A lot is happening to MDM solutions and there are many questions to be answered about how the market will develop, as for example:

  • Will Customer Data Platforms(CDP) be part of CRM or MDM?
  • Will the MDM market and the Product Information Market (PIM) market be a big union or two separate markets?
  • Besides customer master data and product master data, which other master data, reference data and application data will commonly be included in MDM hubs?

You could also argue about if MDM will survive as a discipline!

What is your prediction about the next MDM decade?

MDM 20s

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