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It is estimated that on average the people costs of a MDM project are four times that of the software license cost, so there is clearly a large and separate consultancy market associated with MDM 

While some degree of people and expert costs is expected due to the collaboration of different stakeholders and business units, four times the cost of software shows something is amiss with the base mdm package. Clearly, existing mdm products have failed the promise of self serve configuration, lightweight architecture and easy deployments. They have failed to leverage new technology to ease data management. 

Existing rule based technology in current MDM systems is hard to configure, hard to maintain and harder to scale. Reifier addresses this pain point. Reifier’s AI powered algorithms learn patterns from the data to match data with varying schemas and formats. Reifier seamlessly scales to millions of records at the highest accuracy to deliver clean, consistent and accurate business data directly to the end user. 

Being AI driven, Reifier handles different domains seamlessly. Reifier CurateTM provides smart recommendations and learning from the actions of data stewards to manage master data with ease. A collaborative workflow enables teams to easily share doubts and seek feedback from domain experts. Cluster and record lineage provide additional context. 

Finding the right customer, supplier, product, location or organization along with their relationships is now at the click of a button. Integrated search discovers query records along with their linkages and provides a holistic end to end view of the data. Reifier’s advanced query options through a sleek web front end empower users to discover relevant information easily. Clusters and records can be exposed as REST endpoints and delivered to downstream applications.  

Built with open source technologies like Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra and Elastic, Reifier is a modern take on master data management and reference data management. Reifier’s proprietary AI and graph algorithms, specifically crafted for the core functions of master data management power businesses to understand, leverage and trust their data. 

Data is the new oil and we need to refine and blend our data to derive opportunities to grow and succeed. Reifier masters enterprise data and exposes opportunities to cross sell and upsell. By linking departments and groups, Reifier reduces operational expenses and exposes supply chain anomalies. Reifier powers compliance, GDPR and AML by organizing and integrating data sources.  

Reifier can be deployed on premise in private data centres or public clouds as well as custom Spark Deployments like Databricks, Azure or EMR.  Get in touch today at for a demo and discussion.

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