Data Fabric vs MDM

New terms are constantly emerging in the data management space. One of these is “Data Fabric”.

According to Gartner, the analyst firm, data fabric “enables frictionless access and sharing of data in a distributed network environment.” Usually, one would associate data fabric with big data and edge computing. However, data fabric does embrace all kind of data and computing from the ones mentioned over multi-cloud to traditional on-premise computing and the data stores within.

Data fabric and Master Data Management (MDM) have the same aim, which is that all (master) data must be shared across the enterprise – and eventually also in business ecosystems. This is a prerequisite for successful digital transformation.

Lately, there has also been a development in the conception of MDM, where other data than master data are encompassed in some of the platforms offered as examined in the post Master Data, Product Information, Reference Data and Other Data.

So, there is clearly a union and an intersection of data fabric and MDM.

Data Fabric vs MDM

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